Collaborative Projects 


 The Organ Grinder's Gazette 

 --Recordist weblog with up to date news, announcements, etc. 


 T.O.G.G. Archive 

 --archive of The Organ Grinder's Gazette 


 Recordism Discussion Group 

 --a forum for the discussion of Recordism and related ideas at Yahoogroups 


 Recordism Facebook Page 

 --join us on Facebook 


 Disembraining Songs 

 --Recordist record label (Soundcloud profile) 


 Emunctory of Dreams Press 

 --Recordist small press 


 Stactirrm Radioo 

 --W.A.Davison + M.S.Waldron collaborative radio art project (2019) 


 Six Heads 

 --free improv surrealist sound collage group 


 North Mutator 

 --Recordist-related drawing collective 


 Halloween Island 

 --blog for collective drawings, writings, etc. by Recordists and friends