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Davison Instagram

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About Recordism


S.Higgins Portfolio
--performance and visual art portfolio

S.Higgins @ instagram
--instagram @surrealistartwitch (aka Sherri Lyn Higgins) user profile


Davison Portfolio
--general info and samples of work

Experimental Music and Sound
--main site for experimental music compositions and performances by W.A.Davison

W.A.Davison Youtube Channel
--various W.A.Davison and Recordist-related video clips

W.A.Davison Vimeo Channel
--more W.A.Davison and Recordist-related video clips

W.A.Davison Bandcamp
--solo and collaborative experimental music releases

Songs of the New Erotics
--experimental music and performance art project

Songs of the New Erotics Bandcamp
--S.O.T.N.E. on Bandcamp

The Bim Prongs
--solo experimental music project

The Bim Prongs Bandcamp
--The Bim Prongs on Bandcamp

The Bim Prongs Soundcloud
--The Bim Prongs Soundcloud profile

W.A.Davison Mixcloud
--radio art series "The Long Play" (2018), "Stactirrm Radioo" (2019), and RE/CYCLING (2020)

Bandaged Man Bandcamp
--solo experimental music project

Panic Engines Bandcamp
--analog synth noise drone project

Th W rbl r Bandcamp
--cassette manipulation using modified cassette recorders

--electroacoustic surf waffle and emergency toilet diaphragm (with Dada membrane!) (defunct?)

M.Stactor Bandcamp
--Bandcamp page for M.Stactor reissues, etc.

It's All Gone Weird
--experimental music blog maintained by W.A.Davison

Moth Moth
--online graphzine tumblelog edited by W.A.Davison (no longer maintained)

Electronic Cottage
--some W.A.Davison articles on the Electronic Cottage magazine/community website

W.A.Davison/Recordism @ instagram
--instagram @recordism (aka W.A.Davison) user profile


The Organ Grinder's Gazette
--Recordist weblog with up to date news, announcements, etc.

T.O.G.G. Archive
--archive of The Organ Grinder's Gazette

Recordism Facebook Page
--join us on Facebook

Disembraining Songs
--Recordist record label (Soundcloud profile)

Emunctory of Dreams Press
--Recordist small press

Stactirrm Radioo
--W.A.Davison + M.S.Waldron collaborative radio art project (2019)

--cinematic noise trio (Davison, Way, Story)

Six Heads
--free improv surrealist sound collage group

Urban Refuse Group (Bandcamp)
--free improv junk instrument noise collective (defunct)

North Mutator
--Recordist-related drawing collective

Halloween Island
--blog for collective drawings, writings, etc. by Recordists and friends


779 Ossington Ave., Apt. 2
Toronto, ON
M6G 3T8


If you would like to be added to our email list for occasional announcements and news, send W.A.Davison a message at northmutator(at)gmail(dot)com.