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 S.Higgins website 

 --finally, a proper website for S.Higgins! 


 S.Higgins Photomontages 

 --the old page of photomontages by Sherri Lyn Higgins 


 Disembraining Songs 

 --Recordist record label (Soundcloud profile) 


 Emunctory of Dreams Press 

 --Recordist small press 


 The Bim Prongs 

 --W.A.Davison solo experimental music project 


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 Stactorm Radioo 

 --random bits from The Recordists' audio archives 


 Panic Engines 

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 W.A.Davison - Electroacoustic Improvisation 

 --improvised, experimental sounds and performances by W.A.Davison 


 Songs of the New Erotics 

 --experimental music and performance art project (now defunct) 


 Six Heads 

 --free improv surrealist sound collage group 



 --electroacoustic surf waffle and emergency toilet diaphragm (with Dada membrane!) (defunct) 


 Moth Moth 

 --online graphzine tumblelog edited by W.A.Davison 


 North Mutator 

 --Recordist-related drawing collective 


 Halloween Island 

 --blog for collective drawings, writings, etc. by Recordists and friends 


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 Ello Experimental Music 

 --ello experimental music community (run by W.A.Davison) 


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