Davison Portfolio 

 --general info and samples of work 


 Electroacoustic Improvisation 

 --improvised, experimental sounds and performances by W.A.Davison 


 W.A.Davison Youtube Channel 

 --various Recordist-related video clips 


 The Bim Prongs 

 --solo experimental music project 


 The Bim Prongs Soundcloud 

 --The Bim Prongs Soundcloud profile 


 W.A.Davison Mixcloud 

 --radio art series "Stactorm Radioo" (2017), "The Long Play" (2018), and "Stactirrm Radioo" (2019) 


 Panic Engines 

 --analog synth noise drone project (Bandcamp) 


 Songs of the New Erotics 

 --experimental music and performance art project (now defunct) 



 --electroacoustic surf waffle and emergency toilet diaphragm (with Dada membrane!) (defunct) 


 Moth Moth 

 --online graphzine tumblelog edited by W.A.Davison 


 W.A.Davison @ Electronic Cottage 

 --W.A.Davison, content provider for the newly revived Electronic Cottage magazine 


 W.A.Davison @ ello 

 --ello profile for W.A.Davison 


 Ello Experimental Music 

 --ello experimental music community (run by W.A.) 


 W.A.Davison/Recordism @ instagram 

 --instagram @recordism (aka W.A.Davison) user profile 


 W.A.Davison @ pinterest 

 --Pinterest image boards by W.A.